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At Openhaus, one of our focuses is on supplying Matterport providers with the necessary tools to deliver custom branded 3D shopping experiences to retailers.

We believe some of the tools we have built will make Matterport much more enticing to retail customers. Here are the reasons why!

1) Shoppability. Openhaus makes it possible to enable a customers to actually add products to a cart and checkout directly from inside a Matterport tour.

2) Dynamic product data. When creating a shoppable retail store, you will likely end up tagging 500+ products in a space. Each of those products have their own a product name, description, price, image, inventory count, etc. What happens if any of those data points for a specific product change? Well, Openhaus acts as a bridge between the retail client's product catalog and the 3D tour to ensure that customers are constantly viewing the most up to date product data.

3) Tagging speed. If you as the MSP are adding 500+ product tags to a space and each tag has 5 different data fields, you're looking at manually adding 2,500 different data points to a tour. If you've ever done this before, you know that would be very time consuming. With Openhaus' Shopify app + CSV file upload options, we can cut down the tagging time by more than 3X.

What would you say is the #1 reason that you as a Matterport provider are able to land more retail type customers?

For more details about the above bullet points, check out the video below!

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