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Before the modern web, you needed to physically go somewhere to purchase items—the supermarket, hardware store, shopping mall. With the web thus far, you need to virtually go somewhere to purchase items—Amazon, a Shopify store, eBay. The same behavior was required for both pre-web and post-web shopping: to spend money on something, you'd have to spend dedicated time "going somewhere" to purchase it. However, over the next several years, we will begin to see the inverse of that relationship.

Rather than having to spend our time to spend our money, we will start to spend our money, where we spend our time. And where do we spend the majority of our time on the internet today? Consuming content. Listening, watching, and interacting. For essentially all of human history, commerce was driven by content. Moving forward, commerce will live within content.

Content and commerce are inseparably connected, and their relationship is about to get more interesting. On Content & Commerce, we dive into important questions about the future of content marketing, e-commerce, and how to drive business results with content.

From live-stream shopping, to social commerce, to group buying, to VR-shopping, we are on the cusp of transformational change for how we spend our time and money on the internet. Join us as we explore it.

Recent Episodes

of Content & Commerce

Nilla Ali — SVP, Commerce at BuzzFeed

We sat down with none other than Nilla Ali—SVP, Commerce at Buzzfeed. Nilla was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in marketing and advertising. Since starting at BuzzFeed four years ago, Nilla has presided over a 10x growth in their affiliate and commerce revenue.

Nilla tells us that when she first started at Buzzfeed she saw a big opportunity. “Let's not just think about content as a vehicle for driving engagement but think about content as a vehicle for driving conversion.” Read Forbes' profile of Nilla.

Content Marketing for Home Pros — Kate the Socialite

Carson discusses content marketing for home professionals with the talented Kate the Socialte. You can find out more about kate and her work here.

Mastering Interior Home Content — Susie Robb

Carson had a great conversation about content and commerce with Susie Robb @fromsusie on Instagram. Check out her website shopbysusie.com

Interior Design Content Marketing — Christina Henck

This week, Carson chats with innovative Interior Designer, Christina Henck. Learn more about Christina's design firm, Henck Design here.

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