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TRANSCRIPT: In this video, I'm going to show you how you can add contact forms to your Openhaus tours. This makes it possible for you to gather personal information from the people who are viewing your Openhaus tours. Let's say, for example, you want to collect their first name. Last name, maybe their email address, phone number, etc.. You can do so by quickly adding a contact form at the beginning of their tour.

To do so, what you'll want to do is on the left hand side, you'll click forms. I'm going to click this Manage Forms button here, and this allows me to begin setting up a contact form for whatever client I am looking to add that contact form to you. I'm going to click this use contact form checkbox. And what this does is it shows me a pop up so I can see in real time what this contact form is going to look like.

So for example, we could say, Welcome to our tour, please. Please enter information below to continue walking around. So then below I have the different field options that I can add to the form that will be required by the user to enter. So let's say for just demo purposes, we want to collect their full name, their email address and their phone number.

What I'll do now is go ahead and click Save and now what you'll be able to see. If I go to this tour and I click on it, I enter the experience. Now it's saying, Please enter your name, email, address and phone number. And in order to view this tour, I will have to enter that information. Now, the question becomes, where will those where will I be able to see those responses?

So if I go back to the left and click forms and I click view responses for all of the Hotpoint Appliances tours, you will be able to see here that those responses that are populated in those forms will be or they will show up here. One other thing to know really quick. If I click this manage format button, one thing that I didn't discuss is what you can do is you can decide when you want the form within the tour to actually pop up.

So initially or by default, it's set to zero steps before showing the contact form and what that means is how many sweep locations do we want to allow the user to move to before displaying the pop up tour? So if I were to increase this number to three, what that would mean is after they enter the experience, they can move to three different scan locations before we display this pop up form.

And so if you want to give your viewers a little bit of a taste of the tour to kind of hook them or lure them in before requiring them to add personal information, you can do that here. That's all for contact forms. Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations on changes we can make to improve it.

Thank you so much.

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