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TRANSCRIPT: Here is how to add a video to your Matterport tours.

Sometimes Matterport tours can be a little unromantic. What I mean by that is walking around a 3D space in silence is not that great of an experience. It's not that engaging. It's a little awkward. You can actually add videos to have someone narrate a walk-through or give you instructions and just make the Matterport experience a little bit better.

I'm going to use Openhaus to show you how to add a video to your Matterport tours. When you login to Openhaus, what you'll do is, you'll click ''Spaces'' over here on the left side. Then you're just going to choose the space that you want to add, a video too. I'll click this space right here. Then in the top, I'll click Actions. Add video. Right here you can see I can choose my video file and I can choose captions. Then what I'll do is I'll give it a video title. I'm not going to wait for this video to show you, but I'll go back and I'll show you a space that actually has a video added to it already. That's where you go. Actions, add video, and then I'll show you what this looks like. I'll click right here. You can see lovely up in the top-right corner, we have a video that's walking me through this beautiful home, giving me a much more guided and romantic experience than if I was just walking around this space, not really knowing what's going on in silence.

That is how with Openhaus, you can add a video to any Matterport space.

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