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TRANSCRIPT: In this video, I'm going to show you how you can share metrics and analytics reports with your client. This makes it easy for them to be able to see how their customers are interacting and viewing the Openhaus tours that you have created for them. If you're on the main dashboard, the first thing that you'll want to do is click on the client dropdown box and select which client you want to share analytics reports to.

After that, you'll go ahead and click the pages option in the left navigation menu. After you do so what you want, you'll see that there are unique URLs for each of the spaces that you have created for that client. If you click this copy link button next to the specific space that you want to share and you paste it into a new window, this is what your client will be able to see.

You'll notice that all of our metrics reports are password protected. To get that password or change it, you'll see that there's a passcode for all for this specific client, for all of these analytics reports. So what I'm going to do. I'll go ahead and copy and paste that password here and click Enter. After I do so, I'll be able to see all of the different metrics and analytics that are related to this space.

So I can see that this tour has been viewed 462 times. They're the people that have viewed it, have moved to 2000 different suite locations in this tour. They've clicked on over a thousand matter tags and there's been 24 shares of this tour. If you scroll down, you'll also be able to see that the tour is broken down by room by room.

If you click on the share button below, you'll notice that if he if the client wants to have access to the different sharing options and they want to share it on their website or social media via a permalink, they can click on these sharing buttons and have access to that content there. Below that, you can see these are all of the different matter tags that are inside this space.

And you can see how many times attacks have been clicked on this particular tour. Has commerce enabled in it. So they have an added to cart button on each of the attacks pop ups. We can see how many times that added the cart button has been clicked for each individual matter tag and then usually there's another call to action that links out to the product page on the retailer's website.

You can also see how many times that button has been clicked as well. This makes it super simple for you to share metrics and analytics reports with your clients, and so they can quickly get a snapshot view into seeing how is the tour performing, how are their clients interacting with it, and then begin sharing it. If they want to get more out of the tour and they want to embed it on their website or via their social media, they can do so with the sharing tools here.

Thanks so much.

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