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Samsung has recently made a big splash in the home appliance department. They have quickly become the #1 home appliance brand and are constantly innovating to ensure their products complement the consumers’ lifestyle. When visiting Chayce and Hannah’s home, they told us their reasons for choosing Samsung appliances were because of the design style, connectivity options, and innovative features.

Design Style


Samsung home appliances cater to a broad range of design styles. With different color and configuration options, customers can find the perfect appliance package that checks all their styling boxes. Chayce and Hannah said, “We love Samsung appliances because they not only look great, but they work great too.” Samsung continues to meet customer demand by designing appliances that look sleek and current.

Connectivity Options

Samsung Connected Appliances

Samsung appliances are connected like never before. You can preheat your oven, adjust cook time and temperature, or even look to see what you have inside your fridge—all remotely from your phone. Having appliances that communicate with each other and can be controlled remotely are the first steps in creating your smart home network.

Innovative Features

Samsung Ranges

When designing new products, Samsung focuses on innovations that make our customers’ daily lives “more convenient, efficient, and meaningful,” said John Herrington, SVP of Home appliances.

@blankslatereno highlights two of their favorite Samsung product innovations. The first is the fridge’s built in water pitcher. “It automatically fills up when you put it back. It also has a fruit diffuser in the middle that allows you to add lemons or strawberries to be extra fancy.”

The second is their oven’s air fryer cooking mode. It’s perfect for cooking your favorite crispy foods like french fries, chicken tenders, or breaded vegetables. “It’s kind of the popular thing right now and it’s built right into our oven.”

Click below to take a virtual tour of Chayce and Hannah’s home and check out the Samsung appliances they chose for their home.

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