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As the world continues to spend an increasing amount of time at home, we are left staring at the same blank walls. We want a change of scenery, but without the need of bringing in a construction crew or paying thousands of dollars for an upgrade. So it's time to dive inside the homes of a few creators who all have gone about tackling this problem in a different way.

Melissa Frusco's DIY Wall Garden

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Melissa Frusco, a New York City resident and famous TikTok personality, is a plant lover at heart. She thoughtfully pieced together her apartment with elements of nature as she explains, "once I brought my first plant home, it was over, I couldn't stop picking up new plants here and there to fill empty corners of my space! As the plants grew, I had to figure out new ways to display them, and that's when the plant wall came to life. Plants provide a dynamic, decorative element to your apartment as they cycle through the seasons. It's extremely rewarding to watch them grow, and they add so much vibrancy to any space, regardless of your interior decorating style!"

Minted: Two Sisters

Wall art is a pretty common way to dress up your walls, but it is not always easy to put pieces together that compliment one another. Luckily, Katie Zamprioli - AKA @candycoloredhome, has done it for you. "I measured out this wall and picked out six different pieces from six different artists. You get to support artists from all over the world which is great. Also, you can copy this same wall if you love it, or pick some of your own favorite pieces!"

Taylor Elizabeth's Floral Wallpaper

Amazon: Floral Wallpaper

For the past year, Taylor Elizabeth has been remodeling a duplex that has been in her family for three generations. When asked about the process she took in this bathroom, she said, "I’ve made it my mission to find the perfect eclectic balance between modern decor and the historic features and feel in my home. I love a light and airy feel, but I also love color! The bathroom wallpaper I chose added the perfect amount of contrast and texture to that space. It’s funky and bold, but also manages to tie all of the subway tile, the reclaimed wood vanity, and fixtures together in the space."

To get a glimpse of the process and see the wallpaper transformation, watch Taylor's time-lapse Instagram story below!

Instagram: @taylsg94
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