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Designing your own kitchen can be overwhelming! There are so many things to think about. Where do you even begin? We’ve decided to break it down for you and help you focus on four crucial elements of a kitchen. We’ll be viewing a few different homes with gorgeous kitchens to see just how perfectly they’ve executed these elements.


Counter Space

Did you notice how much counter space is in the Matterhorn?! There is not just one, but two full-sized islands. Can you imagine the holiday food setup you could have with that much space? What a dream! That being said, most kitchens are not fully equipped with two full islands. A single island or even bar can be more than enough, depending on how many mouths you plan to feed. When finding a new home or renovating your kitchen, remember to give yourself plenty of counter space to work with. As long as you have enough space to cater to your family and friends, you should be all set!  

Currently, countertops are serving to be a bold look in the kitchen. Using veined marble inside a kitchen is no exception to the rule. If the veined marble countertops are not enough to catch your eye, the veined marble countertops for backsplash will. It gives it a nice cohesive look to the already huge room. This is a great tip to follow if you’re trying to bring the whole room together.

Cabinets Versus Floating Shelves

Cabinets or floating shelves... that is the question. It’s currently one of the biggest dilemmas out there while designing a kitchen! Floating shelves can be used for so many things - function being one of them. If you have a whole kitchen of floating shelves, you may want to embrace a more exposed, messier look daily. If you aren’t fully committed, there’s the option of a couple of floating shelves for only the most beautiful dishes, plants, or whatever else you’d like to put up for decor.

If you’re even less committed, you can see Gina’s kitchen and how she’s incorporated a glass cabinet to display china. However, it still has a more uniform look like a cabinet. Either way, trying out the different options and blending them can definitely add some interest to your kitchen!


Color is a big one! Lots of different color options to play within a kitchen, and essential considering the kitchen is the heart of the home. We love Chateau Circle’s kitchen with its warmer white and beige tile. It makes the room feel much bigger and very open. Of course, they keep it interesting by adding a splash of blue designed tile behind the stove as well as some matching vases. If you’re nervous about choosing a color that you’ll get tired of too quickly, this is a great way to incorporate color into your kitchen without it being overwhelming.


For us, lighting is always the cherry on top! It can be that finishing piece that really brings the kitchen together. It can be a statement piece or complement of whatever you’ve intended to have stand out in your kitchen. We love the gold chandelier in Masion De Reve’s kitchen. It gives the room a very elegant and traditional feel to the room. In this particular kitchen, they’ve got the sizing just right. If the light is too large, it may become distracting. Too small, and it will be a little awkward in the space. Measuring in advance is key!

We hope this gives you a little more direction when tackling the biggest project of the house! Follow these great examples, and you’re sure to have success at designing the perfect kitchen for you.

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