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If you’re looking for some fresh new inspo for your daughter's room, look no further! You might be ready to retire that overused pink-princess theme and find something a little more unique and sophisticated. If this is the case, this post should help out. We absolutely love the creativity The Alpine Swoop has to offer in three separate girl bedrooms designed by Allison Campbell.

Bedroom 1

Photo by Utah Valley Parade of Homes

In bedroom number one, you’ll fall in love right away with the tiny door entrance where you can peek in and find a swinging daybed. The room is filled with soothing soft greens and pinks throughout. These two colors are carried on with the floral themed pillows and framed wall art. It gives the room a great vintage vibe. The faux fur chairs provide are the perfect place for the little girls to sit down and do some reading. This room incapsulates every imaginative girl's dream!

Bedroom 2

Photo by Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Step into room number two! The pop of color in the floral wallpaper provides some good contrast from the first room. The natural light coming in from the bed transom windows really open up the space making it feel bigger than it actually is. The pops of pink in the bed pillows, throw blankets, and poufs tie in perfectly with the floral wallpaper. The big arch window with the long bench seat not only looks beautiful but also adds functionality to this bedroom, giving guests a place to sit and talk. What teenage girl wouldn't be ecstatic to claim this bedroom as her own?

Bedroom 3

Photo by Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Onto bedroom number three! The main event. Have you seen a cuter pink velvet bed? Also, the ruffled gold polka dot bedding. If you look closely, you'll notice it's Beddy's bedding. If you're not familiar with this brand, they make cute one piece bedding sets that zip up. The light green X accent wall behind the bed with the two geometric hanging pendant lights gives the room an extra pop. These small design finishes are details that significantly elevate the overall look and feel of this little girls bedroom. The rope swing chair hanging in the corner is the cherry on top. Perfection.


If you’re in need of some decorating inspo for your little girls room, these three Allison Campbell Design bedrooms are a great starting point. She knows exactly how to make a room feel young, feminine, and elegant all at the same time. What was your favorite thing you found after walking around these three bedrooms?

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