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Here we go! It wasn’t easy, but we’ve rounded up our top 3 favorite West Elm Coffee tables that we think can add some character and the unique finishing touch to any home. Browse below to let us know which one you would choose.

Carved Wood Coffee Table

West Elm

The Carved Wood Coffee Table has beautiful intricate carved details surrounding the outside of the table giving it a one-of-a-kind look. This solid mango wood table features a hand-carved rosette pattern and is a statement piece in any living room.

The round, sculpted table fills Emily Sanchez's bohemian style home in San Diego, CA perfectly. She’s decorated her space with a gorgeous collection of living plants, cozy books, and neutral vases for a more lived in look. She’s even added some simple plants to her coffee table, really bringing the room together.

Geometric Coffee Table

West Elm

If you're looking for a coffee table that doesn't feel like its taking up a lot of space in your room, the Geometric Coffee Table is perfect. It's like have modern art in your living ream. The sleek geometric design with the antique brass finish adds some warmth to any space you put it in.

Kylie Ray's styling of the table demonstrates not only the table's beautiful modern shape, but also it's functionality. It's the perfect place for a hot cup of coffee in the morning while watching TV. Kylie is a full time designer herself for The Lifestyled Co, a full service design studio in Phoenix, Arizona. So if you want to explore and shop the rest of her personal home, click here! You won't be disappointed.

Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table

West Elm

Last, but certainly not least is the Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table. The marble slap top provides a beautiful contrast with the table's sustainably-sourced wood frame. For additional hidden storage space, lift up the top to stow blankets, books, toys, or whatever your heart desires.

Audrey Crisp used this table as the center piece in here bohemian styled living room. It ties in with the other feature elements of the room—the couch, media console, and accent chairs. To add to the bohemian look and feel, Audrey used decorative baskets from Etsy, Life Inspirit, and World Market. This unique feature wall adds a pop of texture to to the space.

West Elm offers coffee tables across a variety of design styles. From the wooden bohemian look, to geometric shapes, to Mid-Century modern coffee table. Any of these options could be the perfect finishing touch for your living room.

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