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Do you ever get sick of looking at dull, white blinds? That was the case for Gina Truman. She was in the middle of renovating her home in Provo, Utah, and knew something had to change. For Gina, adding natural light to her space is very important while also keeping in mind the privacy of her home. Fortunately, she connected with Uptown Drapes owner Geeta Buckley - who would ultimately help Gina create the change she was looking for - custom drapes.

“I felt so honored to have Geeta help me with my drapes. If someone I know is looking for quality window treatments, I recommend Uptown Drapes every time. Their website is extremely easy to use and they are truly the best of the best.”  - Gina Truman

While Uptown Drapes is a family-run business, they’ve done work for some of America’s most prestigious home designers: Studio McGee and The Fox Group, to name a few. According to Uptown Drapes, the process to create your own window treatments can be done in three easy steps.

Pick Your Style

Everyone has their own style. What’s yours? Gina chose a more traditional look. Many of her romans and drapes carry a color that matches the colors found in each room. For instance, the roman’s in her office are maroon to pull in elements from the vibrant painting nearby. See for yourself!

Customize To Your Needs

Whether your home is traditional, modern, contemporary, or farmhouse, you can build the drapes of your dreams. Drape type, material, color, rods, it’s all on the menu. Are you stumped because you don’t know what to choose? Uptown Drapes lets you order samples at a very low cost. Don’t worry, the amount can later be deducted from your final order.

Delivered To Your Door

Let’s face it, after the past year, we’ve all become homebodies. The good news is, instead of going into an old-fashioned store, you can order your custom drapes online and get them delivered to your door in just weeks. To see the beautiful Uptown Drapes in Gina’s home, tour the Openhaus below!

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