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Everyone loves the Restoration Hardware brand. Have you ever been inside one of their retail stores? If you haven't experienced one, you're missing out!

Decorating with RH products can significantly enhance the look and feel of any space. To see how a few Openhaus influencers' staged their favorite RH pieces in their own homes, KEEP READING!

Grand Framed Glass 4-Door Media Console

Restoration Hardware

The Grand Framed Glass 4-door Media Console is crafted in a beautiful weathered gray or brown oak, giving it more of an aged look. It’s clean lines and bold handles give it the perfect balance of a stand out statement piece.

Candace's media console serves as the focal point of the room, making it the perfect spot to gather friends and family for a movie night!

Colette Tufted Crib + Haylan Wide Dresser

Restoration Hardware

When picking the main furniture pieces for her nursery, Sheda landed on The Haylan Dresser and Collete Tufted Crib combo.

The Haylan Dresser is a reinvention of the 19th century Gustavian antiques. It comes in a beautiful antique white or grey mist. Its simple but elegant design makes it a focal point of the room, but is in no way overpowering.

Restoration Hardware

The Collete Tufted Crib is the perfect compliment to Sheda's dresser. This reimagined antique from the time of Louis XV can be ordered in seven different fabric colors. The tufted side panels make it feel cozy—exactly what a parent wants when putting their baby down to sleep.

The stuffed animals, books, and toys paired with the nursery's classic decor and design combine to make it the stand out room that it is.

Lorraine Chair

Restoration Hardware

The Lorraine Chair makes a bold statement when walking into Jaclyn James' home. This handcrafted piece comes in a variety of upholstery colors, as well as several different wood finishes for the frame and legs.

Sitting in the entryway, the reimagined antique chair from the 18th century has an elegant feel and makes you want to settle in to read a good book. The chair paired with the black RH side table in front of Jaclyn's big wrap-around banister is reminiscent of a fancy home you would read about in a Jane Austen novel.

Many Restoration Hardware pieces are designed to remind us of older time periods. However, they also work as statement pieces that can really make a room feel current and fresh. If you don't believe us, just visit the nearest RH retail store to fully experience the vibe. Which of these featured RH pieces is your favorite?

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