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When Taylor Elizabeth was presented with the opportunity to completely renovate her childhood home, she jumped at the opportunity. After living there for over 26 years, Taylor made plans to take the 110-year-old duplex back to the studs and completely remodel everything from the ground up.


The first step in the process was demolition. Taylor began by tearing out old kitchen cabinets, removing old plumbing and light fixtures, peeling up the existing tile floors, and ripping out old drywall including the ceilings. “I bribed all of my friends and family with Pizza so they would come help,” Taylor said. After a couple weeks, they had a clean slate and were ready to begin the rebuild process.


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Drywall, Texture, and Paint

Once they got everything back to the framing, it was time for insulation, drywall, and texture. Taylor hired a finisher to come in and hang the new sheetrock, as well as apply a fill coat to eliminate visible transitions from the old to the new sheetrock. The finisher then applied a skim coat to create the smoothest finish possible.

After applying texture, It was time to paint. Instead of rolling everything, Taylor used a Wagner Control Pro 150 to prime and spray the entire house. “I will never go back to rolling again,” Taylor said.


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The finishing touches are always the most exciting. This is when your space really comes to life and starts to feel like home. After Taylor re-finished the original hardwood floors and ran tile in the bathrooms, the only remaining items before moving in were cabinets, countertops, appliances, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. This sounds like a lot, but this portion of the renovation took just over a month.

The Finished Product

Over the 16-week time period, Taylor was able to 1) Demo everything back to the studs and reconfigure the floor plan 2) Replace all MEP, install new drywall and repaint 3) Refinish the original hardwood floors and tile the bathrooms and 4) Install new cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and light fixtures.

Below, you can walk around Taylor's newly renovated duplex and even shop her favorite products inside!

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