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Finding the right barstool for your kitchen can sometimes be an overwhelming task, there’s so many decisions to make! It often comes into play at the very end of the kitchen design as well, so it can be that final piece that really brings everything together. It can be tricky though, do you match it with the dining room chairs? Is it the right style for the kitchen? Is it best to bring in a pop of color or keep it muted? We’ve got a variety of ideas listed below to show you the possibilities are endless for a great barstool!

Garber Bar Stool

In Kara Beckmann’s house, (aka @beckmannhouse), she found the perfect barstools to go with her elegant space. She’s styled the crisp white Garber bar stool, to give her kitchen a light and airy feel. Not only is it elegant with the sleek steel base but it’s got a comfortable cozy feel with the high back and soft cushions.

It’s the perfect combination to go with the modern feel of her cement floors and her darker colored island to contrast and really make them pop. Kara has beautifully managed to make a cool and modern space, uniquely feel cozy and welcoming as well.

Cline Counter Stool

If you’re looking for something that adds a bit of character, but has the perfect amount of class, the Cline counter stool is it. It comes in several different colors, and each one has a beautiful natural finish to the wood as well as smooth lines. These barstools are the perfect addition to add warmth to any kitchen!

Don't you love how @chefkellycahoon has added these counter stools to her sophisticated space? From her gorgeous white cabinets and stunning gold hardware, these stools are the perfect addition to make her kitchen feel even more like a home. They’re just subtle enough to really bring everything together

Ceylon Woven Barstool

We’re loving all the woven barstools that are coming out lately! It can add so much texture to a space, and these Ceylon Woven barstools are no exception. They come in so many different colors as well so you’re sure to find the right one for your kitchen. It also has a nice square look to go with either a more charming feel or a modern option.

@jamielee_designs has nailed this look by adding the natural Ceylon Woven bar stool to her already light and airy space. The barstool gives it just the right amount of “different” with the texture of the woven patterns. The kitchen is a perfect balance of neutrals with pops of color that she brings in with her plants, lights, and personal touches. We can't get over the fun combo!

The Holmdel Mid-Century Bar Stool

A Mid-Century bar stool can be so versatile with any home. The Holmdel Mid-Century bar stool is not offers a unique look but can be such a comfortable addition with the upholstered seating. The wooden base keeps it looking clean as well.

In @melissafrusco's home, the look of the gray barstools paired with the gray island, the monochromatic look gives her whole kitchen a peaceful feel. It works so well with her unique art and sculptures adding so much character and keeping the barstools less of a standout piece. It’s a great example of how many different ways barstools can be used for styling!

The Boston Bar Stool

Check out the simplicity of the Boston bar stool. The metal base gives it a perfect industrial look and the combination of the wooden seating gives it enough character that it can be used for just about any kitchen from rustic to modern! There’s such an appeal for a versatile barstool that can be rearranged in any setting.

The barstools can be seen here in @therenovatedroost's home showing off just how versatile it is. We love how Jamie styled high back chairs in her dining area and switched up the kitchen with these barstools that have a more industrial look, the combination is flawless. The kitchen still manages to feel homey with the oversized island and bright white cabinets. In this example the barstools have worked as the perfect grounding element.


Each barstool can be styled in such a unique way, be sure to think of what your own kitchen may be needing! These barstools are a great example of how to bring in texture, color and warmth. They can be the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen, and can really complete a look by helping a kitchen feel like a home.

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