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With so many available options, picking the right rug for your home can be overwhelming. Choosing between different colors, patterns, materials, and sizes can be difficult. To help make the picking process a little easier, we peeked inside three Openhaus influencers' homes to see how they went about choosing the perfect rug.

Keep Color Scheme In Mind

@blankslatereno on Openhaus

PAINSWICK AREA RUG — from Boutique Rugs

Make sure to keep the room's color scheme in mind when decorating with a rug. Should your rug introduce a new color to the room? Or is the color scheme already busy enough? @blankslatereno decided to go with a traditional black and white rug to match the colors of their wallpaper. It provides the perfect contrast with their laundry room's mint green tile floors.

Consider The Furniture

@houseofhipstersblog on Openhaus

MICHIE AREA RUG — from Boutique Rugs

Looking at the furniture you already have in a room is one of the best tips when choosing a rug. Can you mix patterns? Will a printed couch and a floral rug look good together? Don't be afraid to combine different colors and patterns. However, if you don’t feel comfortable mixing, you can always go with a more neutral option. @houseofhipstersblog decided on a traditional-styled white and grey rug that ties in perfectly with her white fabric couch and other white decor elements.

Small Rugs Make A Big Difference

@plantchics on Openhaus

APISON AREA RUG — from Boutique Rugs

Small rugs sometimes seem to have a function over form stereotype. However, small rugs have the capability of significantly enhancing the overall look and feel of a space. Whether in front of your kitchen sink, at your front door, or running down your hallway, small rugs are an easy way to breathe personality into the nooks and crannies of your home. To add an extra splash of texture, @plantchics placed a modern-style runner down their hallway. The rug colors match both the desk chair and backsplash, tying different elements of their small space together perfectly.

Hopefully, we brought you a little inspo and a little courage to buy that rug you've had on your mind. Happy rug shopping! XOXO

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